Latest Thesis topics for Electrical Engineering (EEE)

Thesis topics for Electrical Engineering

Our professional experts at E2Matrix Research Institute provides guidance to select good thesis topics for electrical engineering (EEE) for research. Thesis writing is an essential part of and for that proper thesis, guidance is very necessary. E2Matrix has a team of highly qualified professionals that help students and assist them in every way possible so that their research becomes one of the best ones. Our team of professionals has done a lot of exceptional work in the research field.

Electrical engineering is an engineering stream that comprises study and understanding about electricity and electronics. The main work of electrical engineers is to distribute energy for different devices. They have to use their knowledge and skills of electrical engineering for solving various technical problems. Some of the works that an electrical engineer is capable of doing on some specified electrical devices or products include developing GPS systems and airline navigation systems designing power generating and transmitting system like a power plant of a wind farmhouse, and so on.

An electrical engineer works on different energies that include wind energy, solar energy, geo- thermal energy, fuel cell, turbine, hydro-energy, gas, etc. Being an engineering student, one has to get thesis topics for electrical engineering (EEE) during their academics.

M.Tech Thesis and Projects Topics for Electronics Engineering

Power Electronics

  • Design and simulation of three phase inverter for grid connected photovoltic systems
  • Modeling and analysis of three-phase grid-tied photovoltaic systems
  • Modeling and simulation of single phase inverter with pwm using matlab/simulink
  • Performance of sinusoidal pulse width modulation based three phase inverter
  • Study of the load flow in electrical supply networks ac/dc
  • Simulation for a 3-phase induction motor under unbalanced conditions

Power system

  • Model of induction motor changes to power system disturbances
  • A  novel approach in the design of optimal tuning frequency of a single tuned harmonic filter for an alternator with rectifier loads
  • Evaluation of filter design and harmonic analysis using pscad/ emtdc
  • Minimization of harmonic distortion of industrial motor drives with active power filter in paper mill.
  • Modified newton-raphson load flow analysis for integrated ac/dc power systems

Renewable Energy

  • Cloud formation in the plumes of solar chimney power generation facilities
  • Solar powered 10 mg silicon robot
  • Design of a biologically-inspired climbing hexapod robot for complex maneuvers
  • A hybrid solar-wind power generation system as an instructional resource for industrial technology students
  • A study of hydroelectric power: from a global perspective to a local application
  • Solar driven absorption air conditioning systems for the caribbean
  • Human-powered refrigerator
  • Pumping water for irrigation using solar energy

Many Others M.Tech Thesis and Projects Topics List

  1. Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection System
  2. Wireless Power Transfer in 3 Dimensional Spaces
  3. Intelligent Feeder Control System in 230 kilovolts Switch Yard
  4. Self-Switching Power Supply
  5. Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Light System
  6. High Voltage Direct Current by Marx Generator Principles
  7. Highway Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Embedded Systems
  8. Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor Controls without Microcontroller
  9. Power Generation from the Wind Energy Available During Movement of Train
  10. Step-Up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Using 555 Timers
  11. High Voltage Direct Current up to 2KV From Alternative Current by Using Diodes and Capacitors in Multiplier Voltage Circuit
  12. Induction Motor Protection System
  13. Three-Phase Fault Analysis System with Auto-Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
  14. Automatic Star Delta Starter by using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor
  15. Alternative Current Pulse Width Modulation Control for Induction Motor
  16. Password Based Circuit Beaker
  17. Dual Tone Multi Frequency based Load Control System
  18. Automatic Control of Bottle Filling Using Programmable Logic Controllers with Conveyor Model
  19. Industrial Temperature Controller
  20. BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Displays
  21. Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  22. Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  23. High Performance Alternative Current Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for Multiphase AC Machines
  24. Solar Powered Auto-Irrigation System
  25. Personal Computer Based Electrical Loads Control
  26. Optimum Energy Management System
  27. Speed Control Unit Designed for a Direct Current Motor
  28. Accident Alerts in Modern Traffic Signal Control System by using Camera Surveillance System
  29. PIR Based Energy Conversation System for Lighting System and Corporate Computers
  30. Attendance Management System by Using Face Recognition Technique
  31. Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverter Using Renewable Energy System
  32. A Bi-Directional Visitors Counter
  33. Fuse Tube light Glower without Any Electric Choke
  34. Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation with Personal Computer Interface and OLM
  35. Visual Alternating Current Mains Voltage Indicator


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