PhD Thesis List

PhD Thesis List

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Writing is the part of the PhD research and analysis work rather than something that is to be done once the research is completed. It can be bad for you to leave your writing work until the end of your doctorate. Writing good content in your thesis work is a skill that needs to be carefully practiced. The more you practice your writing skills the more you will become good in it. You can choose any topic for your research work from PhD Thesis Lists. Regular writing practice will help you to think more about your research topic and enable you to analyze each concept and make connections between various concepts. Preparing a doctoral thesis is not a small task as it is a very long document, so it should be prepared in small chunks. After completing your long document, you can also make it published in any international journal like Springer, Elsevier, and IEEE. For writing and completing your research work, you must try to make the habit of daily writing something new regarding your research work. Like you can summarize different research articles that you study and thus consequently can produce some written material to present to your supervisor. Going through the PhD Thesis Lists is also very important for every PhD student.

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Students doing their research work should always set aside a fixed portion of time to consider that what you should write in your document of research. You can write research proposal, methodology chapters, literature survey, and reports for your supervisor, reports analyzing data and detailing the pilot studies, a personal journal or notebook and early drafts of other chapters. Students may need to rewrite restructure, but rewriting is considered easier than starting from the scratch. Students doing their PhD in technology can choose any topic from the PhD Thesis Lists. Moreover, keeping track of your thesis writing is very important. First you start thinking about your whole thesis structure. To keep track of the research results and relevant bits of each chapter, students must develop a proper filing system. Students must also keep proper track of their associates notes and references, by using a proper reference manager. Backing up your work constantly and regularly is also a safe approach. But always remember to choose your topic properly from the PhD Thesis Lists.

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1. Machine Learning thesis
2. Software Engineering thesis
3. Software Testing thesis
4. Genetic Algorithm thesis
5. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) thesis
6. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)- NS2 tool thesis
7. Cloud Computing thesis
8. MATLAB thesis
9. Image Processing thesis
10. Computer Vision thesis
11. Neural Network thesis
12. Power System thesis
13. Digital Communication System thesis
14. Control System thesis
15. Data Mining thesis
16. Data analytics thesis
17. Fuzzy Logic thesis
18. Ant Colony Optimization thesis
19. Simulink thesis
20. Solar Energy thesis
21. Instrumentation and Control thesis
22. Fault Detection thesis
23. HVDC thesis
24. MANET thesis
25. WANET thesis

26. Artificial Intelligence thesis
27. Grid Computing thesis
28. Speech Processing thesis
29. Pattern Recognition thesis
30. Face Recognition thesis
31. Gesture Controlled Robots thesis
32. Human Machine Interface thesis
33. Evolutionary Computation thesis
34. Load Flow Thesis
35. Control System Thesis
36. Economic Load Dispatch Thesis
37. Neural Network controlled inverter Thesis
38. Power Electronics Thesis
39. SCADA Thesis
40. FACT Devices Thesis
41. Micro-grid Thesis
42. Distributed Generation Thesis
43. Solar and Wind Thesis
44. Optimal Sizing and allocation of DG unit Thesis
45. State Estimation of Power system Thesis
46. Rotor state estimation using KALMAN filter Thesis
47. Particle filter Thesis
48. Grid Computing thesis
49. VANET thesis
50. BANET thesis