Research Papers

Research Papers

For M.Tech and PhD candidates, research papers are an essential tool to convey their ideas to the peer group and experts in the field. Many PhD courses make research papers a compulsory part of the course, where you have to write up a certain number of research papers to be able to attain the degree. In other courses, it is not mandatory, but optional to write a research paper. Whatever be the rule, it is always beneficial to prepare a research paper as it can help you get published.

At E2MATRIX, we offer comprehensive services for preparing outstanding research papers. By availing them, you will be able to present an impressive paper to your reviewers.


Research paper writing Though a research paper is similar in format and style to a thesis, it is usually much more abridged. Hence, you have to careful as to what all you want to include in the research paper to make it meaningful, while keeping it pithy. We have a team of experienced writers, with subject matter expertise, who can help you frame impressive papers. Our team helps you with the following:

• Choosing a topic: this is the starting point for writing a paper. We help you choose a topic that is relevant, in sync with your course, interesting for you, viable to write and will assist in academic growth.

• Prepare a research design: The design for your research will include all important aspects of decision making, like the information that you need, sources from where you will get it, methods for collection and analysis of data and references that you will use.

• Prepare the abstract: This is a summary of your research paper, which is used by reviewers and editors to judge the quality of your entire paper. Hence, it is critical. We help you come up with an abstract which states your research objectives, methods, possible outcome, and emphasizes the importance of conducting the study.