EEE Research Papers List 2017

1. A Review on Current Reference Calculation of Three-Phase Grid-Connected PV Converters under Grid Faults
2. Six-Leg Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converter
3. Power Output Comparison of Three Phase Passive Converter Circuits for Wind Driven Generators
4. A High Step-Down Isolated Three-Phase ACDC Converter
5. Efficiency-THD ratio in three-phase cascaded multilevel power converters of single DC source
6. Analysis and control of improved power quality single-phase split voltage cascaded converter feeding three-phase OEIM drive
7. A New Three-Phase AC–DC–AC Multilevel Converter Based on Cascaded Three-Leg Converters
8. Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled with Three-Phase Bridge Converters
9. Fault-Tolerant Operation of Three-Phase Cascaded H-Br idge Conver t ers Using an Auxiliar y Module
10. Voltage THD Reduction for Dual-Inver ter Fed Open-End Load With Isolated DC Sources
11. Model Predictive Control of Dual-Mode Operations Z-Source Inverter: Islanded and Grid-Connected
12. A Unified Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Dual Two-level Inverter System
13. DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Delta-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Considering Unbalanced Grid and Load Conditions
14. A Simplified Branch and Bound Approach for Model Predictive Control of Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM
15. Clustered Voltage Balancing Mechanism and its Control Strategy for Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM
16. A DC Bus Voltage Balancing Technique for t he Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM With Improved Reliability Under Grid Faults
17. Hybrid Communication Topology and Protocol f or Distributed - Controlled Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel STATCOM
18. Impact of Switching Harmonics on Capacitor Cells Balancing in Phase-Shifted PWM-Based Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM
19. A Decentralized Control Strategy for Photovoltaic Sources to Unify MPPT and DC-bus Voltage Regulation
20. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Standalone Single-Phase Microgrid Using Hydro, Wind and Solar PV Array Based Generation
21. Passive islanding detection using inverter nonlinear effects
22. Variable-speed wind energy conversion system based on a dual stator-winding induction generator
23. Voltage Flicker Mitigation Employing Smart Loads With High Penetration of Renewable Energy in Distribution Systems
24. Active and Reactive Power Control of a DFIG For Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion
25. Experimental Design of Stand-alone Field Oriented Control for WECS in Variable Speed DFIG-based on Hysteresis Current Controller
26. Grid-Interfaced DFIG-Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System With Power Smoothening
27. Power-Flow Control and Short-Circuit Current Limitation of Wind Farms Using Unified Interphase Power Controller
28. Power Quality Conditioning in LV Distribution Networks: Results by Field Demonstration
29. Design and implementation of a novel five-level inverter topology
30. A Three-Phase Hybrid Cascaded Modular Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Environment
31. Topology and Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control of a Symmetrical Hybrid Nine-Level Inverter for High Speed Motor Drives
32. Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Bidirectional DC/DC Buck Power Electronic Converter–DC Motor System
33. A new Three Input DC/DC Converter for Hybrid PV/FC/Battery Applications
34. Finite Set MPC Control of Two Level Inverter for PV/Battery Grid Connected System
35. Bidirectional High Voltage Conversion Ratio DC/DC Converter with Full ZVS Range
36. Analysis and Performance Comparison ofDC-DC Power Converters Used in Photovoltaic Systems
37. Single Discharge Control for Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Buck Converters
38. DC Motor Speed Control through Parallel DC/DC Buck Converters
39. Series Z-source and nine-switch dual-output inverter stage two-stage matrix converter
40. Smart Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids
41. Three-Phase Transformerless Shunt Active Power Filter with Reduced Switch Count for Harmonic Compensation in Grid-Connected Applications
42. Shunt active power filter application to reduce the harmonics of current with photovoltaic generation grid-tied
43. Five-Level (NPC) Shunt Active Power Filter Performances Evaluation using Fuzzy Control Scheme for Harmonic Currents Compensation
44. Adaptive Thyristor-Controlled LC-Hybrid Active Power Filter for Reactive Power and Current Harmonics Compensation With Switching Loss Reduction
45. Specific order harmonics compensation algorithm and digital implementation for multi-level active power filter
46. A Modified One-Cycle-Control-Based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensation
47. An Adaptive Carrier Frequency Optimization Method for Harmonic Energy Unbalance Minimization in a Cascaded H-bridge-based Active Power Filter
48. Harmonic Adaptability Remote Testing Based on SAPF for Offshore Wind Turbines
49. MOPSO-based optimal control of shunt active power filter using a variable structure fuzzy logic sliding mode controller for hybrid (FCPV-Wind-Battery) energy utilisation scheme
50. A Hybrid Control Strategy for Stable Operation of Converter-Based DG Resources in Distribution Grids with Shunt Active Power Filter Capability
51. Research on the Control Strategy of Three-Level Active Power Filter with Single H-Bridge