Data Mining Research Papers List 2015

Data Mining Research Papers List

1. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Polarity on Twitter and Correlation Between Events and Sentiment
2. An Approach to Mining Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases with Anonymous ID Assignment
3. A Bayesian Classification Approach Using Class-Specific Features for Text Categorization
4. An Evaluation on the Efficiency of Hybrid Feature Selection in Spam Email Classification
5. An Approach to Spam Comment Detection through Domain-independent Features
6. Pattern Classification under Attack on Spam Filtering
7.. Spam Filtering of Bi-Lingual Tweets Using Machine Learning
8. A Combining Classifiers Approach for detecting Email Spam
9. Content Based Spam Detection in Email using Bayesian Classifier
10. A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Content Based Spam and Malicious URL Detection in E-mail
11. An Empirical Study on Email Classification Using Supervised Machine Learning in Real Environments
12. An optimized algorithm for association rule mining using FP tree
13. Analyzing Road Accident Data Using Association Rule Mining
14. A New Data Structure For Finding Maximum Frequent Item Set in Online Data Mining
15. Association Rules for Auditing Systems
16. Rule induction using Enhanced Ripper algorithm for clinical Decision support system
17. Optimize Association Rules using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Mutation
18. Privacy preserving data mining approach for extracting fuzzy rules
19. Association Rule Mining Methods for Applying Encryption Techniques in Transaction Dataset
20. Generation & Analysis of Association Rules from Android Application Clones
21. Extracting Interesting Patterns from E-commerce Databases to Ensure Customer Loyalty
22. An Improved Documents Classification Technique Using Association Rules Mining
23. Research on the Improvement of Apriori Algorithm and Its Application in Intrusion Detection System
24. Mining Survey Data on University Students to Determine Trends in the Selection of Majors
25. Performance Evaluation of a Novel Hybrid Clustering Algorithm using Birch and K-Means
26. Predictive Analytics Using Data Mining Technique
27.Performance study of classification algorithms for consumer online shopping attitudes and behavior using data mining
28. An Integrated Model for Learning Style Classification in University Students Using Data Mining Techniques
29. . Performance Enhancement of Classification Scheme in Data Mining using Hybrid Algorithm
30. Prediction of Heart Disease Using a Hybrid Technique in Data Mining Classification
31. Privacy Preserving Data Mining using Image Slicing and Visual Cryptography
32. A model for Privacy Preserving in Data Mining using Soft Computing Techniques