Cloud Computing Research Papers List 2015

Cloud Computing Research Paper List 2015

1. Genetic Algorithm and Gravitational Emulation Based Hybrid Load Balancing Strategy In Cloud Computing
2. A Novel Approach Towards Improving Performance of Load Balancing Using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing
3. SAACO: A Self Adaptive Ant Colony Optimization in Cloud Computing
4. Autonomous Agent Based Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing
5. Cost performance of QoS Driven task scheduling in cloud computing
6. Credit Based Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
7. Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization For Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing Environments
8. Enhanced Load balanced Min-Min algorithm for static meta task scheduling in cloud computing
9. Multi-Objective Tasks Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing Throughput Optimization
10. An in-depth analysis and study of Load balancing techniques in the cloud computing environment
11. A Security and Cost Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Tasks of Scientific Workflow in Clouds
12. Existing computational models and heuristic techniques for cloud scheduling problems
13. Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
14. Cost deadline based task scheduling in cloud Computing
15. Balancing Heuristic for Independent Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
16. A Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm with Multi-QoS Constraints in Cloud Computing
17. A Hybrid Avg Task-Min and Max-Min Algorithm For Scheduling Tasks In Cloud Computing
18. An Empirical Study of Most Fit, Max-Min and Priority 18. Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
19. A Performance Analysis of Pre copy, Post copy and Hybrid Live VM Migration Algorithms in Scientific Cloud Computing Environment
20. Efficient Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing
21. A Secure Cloud Computing Model based on Data Classification
22. Data Classification for achieving Security in cloud computing
23. A Novel Cryptographic and Steganography Approach for Secure Cloud Data Migration
24. Privacy Preservation in Vertical Partitioned Medical Database in the Cloud Environments
25. Three Step Data Security Model for Cloud Computing based on RSA and Steganography Techniques
26. Network Data Encryption Strategy for Cloud Computing
27. Cloud Authentication Based on Encryption of Digital Image Using Edge Detection
28. Framework for Client Side AES Encryption Technique in Cloud Computing
29. An Approach For Securing Data On Cloud Using Data Slicing And Cryptography
30. Secret Data Sharing in Cloud Environment Using Steganography and Encryption Using GA
31. Cloud Computing Data Storage Security framework relating to Data Integrity, Privacy and Trust